Friday, January 28, 2011

Leg Day...come and get some!

So today i worked legs and back (with an emphasis on the glutes)

Here is part of the workout i did today:

Reverse lunges                                             15 ea leg             20 lb DB
Stiff legged DL                                             15                      30lbs DB
Bench Jumps                                                15                      No weight
Glute Kickbacks  (on leg curl machine)        15 ea leg            45lb
(as seen here
Glute Bridges                                               20                    45lbs weight plate

I supersetted (did each exercise back to back with no rest) with  30 secs of rest between each set. I did 3 sets...all i can say is WHEW, i am glad that workout is over! If all you are doing is lowerbody than you can do 4 sets. Good luck ;o)

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