Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Letter from a client!!

Imagining waking up to this in your inbox ;o)

Thank you DeeDee---the best birthday I've ever had--because my body and my life feel like my own, at 32!!! I thought i'd be fat forever--I thought I'd never be able to get a body back to make my husband say "WOW" to get on the scale and not cringe..my happy--it means so much to me.  I went to bed at 3am every day, sometimes 5am...and stay in bed until 11am. I wasn't emotionally giving my babies and my husband the  the emotional love-- I was detached and wallowing in a dark dark place. My eating-I would go literally 1-2 days w/o eating and binge. I let myself go, I blocked friends out of my life,
My life is so different--it's not just losing weight-- I eat like a human being now, I sit down to dinner with my family. Even my grief is lifted. I'm alive again!!! I play with my kids, my marriage is better, so much better! I'm nurturing, I'm happy. I go to bed at 9, 9:30. I don't drink 4 lattes a day to get myself moving.
You've done more than train my body and give me tools-- you've inspired me to LIVE again, and it feels amazing. I still crave comfort food once in awhile, but it's not a crutch. My panic attacks are gone, I have energy and I smile, I laugh, I enjoy what God has blessed me with-instead of wallowing in self pity on everything that's been taken away. I look forward to my 1 hour a day of being at the gym to make ME feel better. It's the best gift I have ever been given. Please, know, how thankful I am. You've given me my life back. I'm the parent & wife I used to be and strive to do better. I'm a long way from my goal, but I know I can get there now. My body and mind feel capable and strong and I feel AMAZING. You've been so supportive, so motivating...I enjoy our sessions and your blog so much. I told you the other day, my life is 360 degrees different. And I'm so appreciative of how you push me and are there for me, inspiring me off the clock, even.
Thank you DeeDee, truly thank you. My body looks so much better, even as far out as I am from where I need to be, I'm confident I'll get there and I know I can do it! You are an amazing woman, and an incredible hero in my heart. I can't imagine the energy and time you devote to your clients, and balance your fitness and your family, and being a rockstar mom. I'm just so blessed, and so very thankful, for everything you've done for me. The excercise has done tremendous things to me, that self medicating never touched. You have uplifted my spirit and given me the tools to ensure my body and mind can be sound if I put in the effort--and you make me WANT it! You are one motivating, incredibly special lady. I just needed to tell you that. I brag about you to everyone!! I just wanted you to know how very grateful I am and totally indebted to the time you give me each week--and now inspiring my husband to get his happy back. I can't say enough wonderful things about you, and I'm just truly blessed, to have your sister rec you to me. I love the path I'm on, you are the best birthday present ever! Thank you for all the encouragement and inspiration. I hope someday I can repay you, or that God will bless you 3 fold, for saving me. I look up to you so very much,
Ok, I'll end the novel, I didn't intend to ramble, I just wanted to say thank you, for all the 'above and beyond' just a trainer. You are a positive, inspiring, totally real and totally motivating woman. Thank you!!!

This is why I do what i do! I love my work, life and my clients. They inspire me ;o)

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