Thursday, March 17, 2011

Leg day love...

So today is leg for me (2nd of the week). Legs are my problem area so i give them alot of love and attention ;o) I already hold alot of muscle in my legs so right now it's about definition , strength and leaning out my legs!

Today i will complete the following:

Exercise                                          Reps              Weight
Stiff leg deadlifts                               15                    35lb DB
Jumpsquats                                      15                     n/a
Seated leg curl                                 15                      70lbs
Step ups w/ butt kickback               10 ea. leg            no weight
seated band abduction                     20     as seen here
  i wrap the yellow band around my legs twice

 Treadmill Incline (15%) walking lunges    20 ea. leg
*Rest 30 - 45 secs
** Repeat 4 x's (complete 5 rounds)

Talk about legs burning, quivering and hobbling around all day ;o)

I dread leg day but i love the results!!

Try it and let me know what you think!!

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