Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What a day!

So today started at 4:15am for me (after being woken up twice during the night by my youngest). I started my day off with 45 mins of intevals on the good ol' stepmill. Taught a bootcamp class @6am, trained a client and then back home to get the little people off to school. Back to the gym to train more clients, taught another bootcamp class (love all of my clients!!). Had lunch with a friend of mine. Greek salad (yum!).

Then completed the following workout -
50 walking lunges (no weight)
weighted rope crunches
barbell squats
leg extensions
hanging knee raises
bench rebounds

whew...can you say tired ;o)

picked up the kids from school. completed homework, completed workouts and diets for clients (via email) finished this blog post and now it's time to PLAY and get ready to do it all again tomorrow ;o)

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