Saturday, December 18, 2010

No Excuses

A couple days ago we had a pretty bad ice storm. I actually made it out to teach my 6am bootcamp class and prayed I wouldn't get stuck in ditch while driving back home as there had been so many unfortunate accidents.

After arriving home safely, i had to call and reschedule my clients since the roads were so unsafe. Also, meant i couldn't travel to my YMCA to workout. Fortunately for me I have a gym in my home. Which means i never have a "real" excuse not to workout.

If you ever are stuck at home or in a place with no access to gym equipment here is a workout you can complete anywhere:

Warm up
10 secs jumping jacks
10 sec jump rope
10 secs high knees
10 secs glute kicks
repeat twice
10 secs opposite toe to hand touches
10 secs push ups
10 secs slow squats

(1 round = do every exercise for 30 seconds)

Squat Jumps
clapping pushups
jumping lunge
raised split squats (put one foot on bench if you do not have a bench use a chair) 30 secs each leg
sit ups (touching opposite elbow to opposite knee, must touch each knee = sit up)
plank (hold for 30 seconds)
crossbody mountain climbers

repeat 3x's for a total of 4 rounds

cool down and stretch

This workout doesn't take much time and is sure to burn fat!

Let me know if you try it and what you think!

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