Wednesday, June 22, 2011

8.5 weeks out!!!

So, here I am preparing to step on the stage (YIKES) in 8.5 more weeks. Still have plently of work to do but excited that I am getting to do this with two of my friends Courtney L. and Kay P.!

So, today i kicked up my cardio and completed the following workout on the Treadmill:

0-5 mins warm up walking @3.5, incline 0
5-15 mins walked @ speed 3.3 , 15% incline
15-15:30 sprinted @ speed 8, incline 10%
did this workout for 60 mins...

whew I am beat however feeling more enegetic and excited for the changes to my body than ever!!

Summer is here and I am still getting up at 5am due to having to get my workout in before the kids wake up and my work day gets started. Where there is a will there is way....remember reaching your goals isn't always going to be easy, however it is DOABLE!!


  1. What show are you doing and what category?
    Best of luck! I can not wait to read about your journey and results. Take care.

  2. i am doing a show in nc called muscle heat on 8/20. thanks for the interest and support!!

  3. I want a post about how it went with pictures! :D